What to Do With Your Half-Cooked Projects

What to Do With Your Half-Cooked Projects

Starting up another project is one of the ways that I procrastinate.
Unfortunately, that means having a bunch of half-cooked (sometimes raw) projects lying around, usually hanging out as files on my crowded desktop on the computer. With fancy titles like “Podcast January 2016,” or “Graphic Design Files March 2017,” I may seem like I have a lot of stuff going on –but in reality, I’m doing something else entirely.
This turned out the be the case for me a couple of years ago. I started up Journey Feed in order to document the life of a person in search for meaning, knowledge, and purpose. Then my life kept going while I let this project slip through fictional concepts that make no sense.
It’s the same thing that happens when you miss your morning run one day. All of a sudden you give yourself permission to miss the next day, even though you can easily continue… even by simply running in the evening that very same day.
You “break the chain” and all of a sudden you have all the permission in the world to spiral out of control. What the heck is that?
Who knows. But I’ve been doing that.
We have daily posts coming up on this website, and it’ll be something that I need to hold myself accountable for, because along with those daily posts, we’ll have plenty of other mini-projects that will branch off. And I’m ready.
Thank you for keeping up with the journey.
Here we go.

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