A Little About What I've Been Up To

A Little About What I've Been Up To

I’ve been running a beast of a hostel in Ecuador with some business partners since last winter, with tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue, but started off with the slimmest profit margins imaginable.
I can go into all of the details of what it’s like to be thrown into a project this size with zero experience in accounting or the hotel industry, but I’m literally typing this post up in my cell phone as I head to the nearest city to do the shopping and take care of some legal stuff and there’s no room for a 2,000 word post today.
Yes. The shopping gets done one hour away from the location in this tiny town.
Setting up an inventory system, installing and educating staff on a great hotel management system, and setting up a way to digitally document receipts were the easy parts.
Employees and business drama were the difficult parts.
While doing that, I have also been working on my own digital strategy business, finding and sorting clients, and trying to find an apartment. But now we have another problem.
In order to get anything done, we have to first go through heaps of paperwork in order for me to be able to pay taxes in this country and do this the legal way.
More to come tomorrow!

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