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Journey Feed is a resource journal that documents every step taken (and the results of them) toward earning an income online. It’s here to show you what’s possible with a little outside-the-box thinking.

What We’ll Do

In this website, we look at several journeys as I test out a ton of different ideas that I come across.

For example, someone told me that they were earning money by making stock footage and selling it on a few platforms online, so I’m trying it out and detailing what it takes to get started, and how much money it made.

I’ve started online stores on Etsy, Amazon, and even on my own website using WooCommerce.

Other examples include experimenting with Fiverr, freelancing on my own, teaching Spanish (and English), and many more. There’s a ton of things to try.

It’s Up to You

I can be a guinea pig and show you absolutely everything, but unless you try it yourself and are willing to do the work, you won’t be moving forward.

The demos come as blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcasts. Stay in the loop and subscribe to my Premium Newsletter as soon as possible to become a Chief with the rest of us.


Against what many people seem to believe, you don’t have to choose one path.

You learn about many, and follow a few.

So here’s how you start. Ask yourself the following:

  1. What are you struggling with right now?
  2. What have you tried to fix it?

If you want to finally take that first step, start today. This isn’t some trick or one of those places where I’ll tell you to believe in yourself and wait for something to happen.

Send me a message using the form below, and tell me where you are. I read every single message and get back to those who are serious about starting their journeys.

This is how it starts.


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