Hi, I'm Edwin Covarrubias

Author and creator of JourneyFeed.com

I’m an explorer at heart in my late twenties who decided to quit everything and travel. Then I ran out of money. 
After reading countless ebooks and taking courses on online business but never doing anything with them, I had no choice but to start taking action.  Since then, I’ve grown several online businesses that keep me on the road.
I’m here to help you get on your journey.


First, let's sort out a few things.


Journey Feed explores how to carve our own paths and live life how we want. For me, that was to start and grow an online business from scratch in order to be location independent. Most of my content revolves around that.
Essentially, there are two main ways to go about an online business:
1.) Sell a product or service
2.) Offer someone else's product or service for a commission


Through written content and other media, I show you the exact steps myself and others have followed to go after what they truly want. There's no one way to do this, and it has been a gift to discover an enormous community of thinkers and doers who think just like us.


I keep myself accountable by showing you what I'm learning, while giving back to the online community that has helped me so much back when I had $0 to invest in myself.
Most of the income generated through Journey Feed is done through the products I use and recommend via affiliate links.

The essentials.


Websites will become second nature to you once you get involved with online business. They can help you sell, share, and create. Here are your options:
1.) A free hosted blog
Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress all have a free option to start blogging, but they have many restrictions. Sometimes you're not allowed to place ads. Plus, your website ends up having an extension like:
myblogname.wordpress.com or
2.) A paid hosted website
All of these website platforms are popping up like SquareSpace, Wix and Shopify. These are good places to look at if you have the cash and don't mind abiding by their rules.
My number 1 choice is and will always be...
3.) A self-hosted website
With your own self-hosted website, you purchase a name, a hosting provider and you have a piece of ``online property`` that you can call your own.

Basic Marketing

Knowledge of basic marketing skills will go a long way in the realm of internet business.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which basically means making your content stand out for traffic via search engines, like Google.
Email is a great marketing tool that helps keep your audience engaged. All it means is that you sign up with an email provider that lets you collect emails and send them out to your list. You can try doing this with your normal Gmail email, but you might get flagged down as a spammer and lose your account, so proceed with caution.
Social media works wonders as a way to engage with your audience and keeps them coming back. For example, even I find out about my favorite blogger's posts through Twitter and check out the content that way.

Resource Toolkit

You'll soon be building your toolkit of your favorite resources. There are tools to help you manage social media, send out emails, making your website look and act better, graphics makers, and knowledge sources.
For a list of my favorite and recommended tools, check out my Resources page.

Ready to begin?

It all starts with an idea. If you have it, great. If you don't, that's cool too. Sign up for the Free Quick Start Email Course, right now.