Whenever I have a new project or idea brewing in my head, I like to check the stories of other people to see what worked for them and what didn’t work. I usually start with a Google search.
Reviving an old blog
Those things didn’t do much good.
I kept searching and I found another article that seemed a little more of what I was looking for, but instead it mentioned things to give your blog a revamp… things like changing the theme and topic ideas.
Let me explain what I’m up to.
I have a blog called Awkward List that was my first large online project, generating up to 15,000 visits per month. The posts were about every day awkward moments and uncomfortable situations, narrated and explained with examples and with a clear objective to make people say “Hey, that’s true! Hahaha!” or to share it with a friend with a caption saying: “Dude, that’s totally you!” It made a few hundred dollars in its time and it paid enough to upgrade it from a WordPress.com site to a self-hosted site.

The Starting Point: Where We Are

Over time, the blog died. I stopped updating it, and the audience dwindled. I just re-uploaded all of my old site data and some tracking info, and here are my starting results:
Reviving a dead blog
My bounce rate, or the amount of people who show up to my site and “bounce” out.. is a whopping 96%. I only make about 4% of people click somewhere else on the site. This has a number of reasons behind it, some of it is that the new design on the site kind of sucks.
There’s no information that’s easy to grab, or eye-catching images. People don’t really know where to go next after they read a post. The first post is a sample post from my hosting provider, SiteGround. It’s probably the most boringest-looking blog out there right now.

The Process: How To Get It To 1K Monthly Visitors

  1. Start Posting – There’s a very real possibility that someone at one point will return to the site in order to read content and find nothing new. I need to prepare for this. For now, I’ll be writing new posts myself.
  2. Restructure the Site – Navigation needs to be stellar in order to let people finish reading a post and hop onto a different one, or to explore some of the other content on there, maybe click on some affiliate links.
  3. Delete Useless Content – An old podcast episode I listened to a while ago talked about the benefits of deleting content that doesn’t get any traffic and redirect them to newer posts that are well-written and useful. That way, a reader will see the value in the post and keep reading. A quality over quantity type of a thing.

That’s how we’ll start off.
Do you have any dead blogs out there that you may be interested in reviving? Let me know how it goes for you!

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