In this post, I will be explaining some things I’ve learned about redirects. As you may know, I’m trying to revive a site… which involves revamping content and a ton of other things.
So here’s what we got so far on
Redirects and traffic information
According to some info I found online through a podcast about deleting content in order to boost page views and traffic, I found out some information about redirects.

What Are Redirects?

There are a few types of ways to redirect people that normally would land on a certain page to somewhere else.
One of my most popular posts on Awkward List is very poorly written and I want to redo it… but not lose the backlinks it has collected, or it’s position on Google. If I’m not careful, I can make a little tweak here and there and suddenly lose my spot.
So I did a little more research and stumbled upon one of Neil Patel’s articles on redirects and found two things:

  1. The redirect I want to use if I was to create a new page with revamped and relevant content to the original post is called a 301 redirect.
  2. Placing one of these redirects should let you maintain your links and keep your audience that is looking for your content.

But now, where the heck do I find a way to do 301 redirects?

The Process

Whenever I want to patch something quickly on, there’s usually a plugin for it. For this particular issue, there’s a plugin called “Redirection.”
What I’ll be doing is:

  • Copying the original content and pasting it onto a new post.
  • Editing the post and making it much more reader friendly, include images, and maybe even video.
  • Review links that were placed in there (interlinked stuff, Wikipedia style) to get users to engage and click around the blog.
  • Make the new post with an easy to follow URL
  • Redirect readers who click on the original post to land on the new post, with the same topic, same ideas, just presented better
  • Tracking the user engagement via the Google Analytics

Let’s see how this turns out!
Do you have any ideas to add? Tell me in the comments!

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