Do you know how Lorna and I met?

Ha, trick question. We haven’t met in person. But here is an image of what I think she’d be like:

Actually, Lorna knows about my blog awkwardlist.com and how that is, actually right from where the blog started. She’s cool.

But now, onto what I have for you, if you’re interested in to the world of making money online, I’ll let you in on a little project that I’m working on as we speak. Literally, what I’m about to offer is incomplete. It is a resource guide for people who want to earn money online. It is still being created, but I wanted to offer an exclusive look at what I’m working on with zero opt-ins and zero B.S.

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Zero B.S. Resource Guide

To Earning Money Online

(Resources That Don’t Require Upfront Investments and Can Make You Your First Dollar Online As Soon As Tomorrow)


I thought something was wrong with me my whole life because I didn’t want to stay put in one place. I wanted to move around, travel, and never work a 9-5 job.


Then “life” came by and crushed all of those dreams. Everyone told me I was wrong to believe that working online to earn a livable income was possible. That the whole making-money-online-thing seems a bit sketchy.


I mean, you go on a computer, and you get paid?




Eh, I guess that makes sense.


But then I did it and everyone started asking me how.


Then I discovered tons of other people who are doing it too. Some do freelancing gigs, others seem to do apparently nothing because they created passive income through niche sites and affiliate marketing, while others created their own digital products and sell them 24 hours a day without having to be present.


We want to do what we want, work with whomever we want to work with, and take charge of our time and our lives.


For you, I have an ultimate list of ways to earn money online, stuff that isn’t yet available on the Journey Feed website, but it is yours to share if you’d like to. I really hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.


And when you earn your first dollar, please send me an email to let me know how you’ve done it and to give you an online high five.


Best of luck!


Edwin Covarrubias


The Zero B.S. Resource Guide to Earning Money Online (Resources That Don’t Require Upfront Investments And Can Make You Your First Dollar Online As Soon As Tomorrow)



I recommend this route to everyone. After hearing about dog whisperers (people who can communicate with dogs), and that they get paid for it, I was sold on the idea of freelancing. If something so unusual can survive out there and make someone a living, then we all have a chance. Knitting, writing, training cats to poop in toilets, building websites… the list goes on and on. We will go for the top three:


  1. Writing: Advertisement copy, instruction booklets, translation, blog posts and articles, ebooks, and even flyers.
  2. Graphic Design: Infographics, websites, logos, photo editing, and packaging.
  3. Programming: WordPress, programming languages, themes, and ecommerce.


How it can be done with zero dollars: Write up a flyer and post it where your potential customers will be. Babysitting? Try a supermarket community board where people stick fliers. Dog training? Visit a dog park. If you can do your work online, try several online forums. For a while, I got by making websites by posting daily on Craigslist.org, a couple of large sales per month was all I needed.


Here is how you can make it work:



To not succeed: Be scared of applying to jobs, sometimes they can be fun and you’d be missing out. Ask for the payment upfront, people don’t know you which means they won’t give you the money upfront. Forget to leave feedback, it builds credibility when your clients appear on your profile.


Fiverr.com Here you can find around 3 million services, called gigs, being offered right now. Things range from a quick logo design, translations, and voiceovers, all the way to fake testimonials, videos of feet, and prank calls. Here, you can charge from $5 (where the website gets its name) all the way up to $500 with their upsells.


To succeed: Add lots of sample work to your gig page, get people to leave you reviews, create a gig that makes you stand out, add a video to your gig description page and be very descriptive as to what the client will receive, and reach out to clients yourself.


To not succeed: Get discouraged, don’t leave client’s feedback, and offer your clients an enormous task worth way more than $5 for that amount… you’ll tire yourself out and waste your time.




Okay man, this has got to be a joke, right? NO!


I’ve sold services for $500 to build a website for a person in San Francisco while I was in Mexico. People go there all the time to look for employees and freelancers. Here’s how to find jobs on there:

To succeed: search actively for the gigs and jobs postings on the right side of their page in a ton of cities (other countries, even), contact them with a cover letter and resume, and apply with them like you would any other job. Create postings daily for your gigs and include everything the client would ask right on there, along with a link to your homepage or sales page. Design and stuff directly on the listing matters, but I got away with simple text and one image. Be sure to play around with those to find out what works best for you.

To not succeed: contact the guy who says he will pay you a million dollars because he is a prince from Nigeria. No seriously, don’t fall for a scam check out Craigslist’s tips for not falling for a scam, don’t search only on online jobs (or telecommute), you’ll miss out on a lot, and be sure focus on recent postings, if you go too far back, you’ll find out that they’re all not available anymore.

  • com for designers. Jobs work as contests, where clients submit their task request and designers compete for it. Ultimately, the client decides which design she likes best and you get paid. They also offer one-on-one projects.

Not enough? Check out these 60+ resources:



For Writers & Editors:

For Designers & Programmers:




Affiliate marketing


Another way to earn money online, like Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com (who generates over 100,000 dollars per month) and others out there is by selling other people’s products. Well, see… it isn’t exactly selling. It is more like recommending other products.


Here’s how it works:


Suppose you really like a book on Amazon called “How to Be Awesome.” You want to recommend this book to your friend who isn’t very awesome, but your friend can buy it from Barnes and Noble, from Craigslist, from their local bookstore, and from a ton of other places. Amazon wants your friend to purchase from them, so they tell you “uh hey dude, if you tell your friend to buy from us, we will give you 10% of the sale.”


It is a win for everyone involved. Your friend gets more awesome, Amazon got to sell, and you get a percentage of the sale.


How this is done is through “affiliate links” which are URLs (“http://www.journeyfeed.com” is an example of a URL) with a unique code in there that will let the vendor know that the customer came from you.


The vendor gives you a unique URL (affiliate link), then when someone clicks on it and makes a purchase, the vendor’s website keeps track of that customer through the use of “cookies” which are a way for websites to track their users by installing a temporary file in their computers. When the customer makes a purchase, the vendor’s website records it, and gives you your commissions.


Now there are a number of ways to do this. Sometimes you get commissions by giving customers a coupon code, that upon being used, the vendor’s website knows the sale came from you and gives you your share of the money.


In short, affiliate marketing is earning money by recommending other products that your audience will find useful.


—– To be continued —–

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