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A Solopreneur's Journey to $10,000 a Month

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A Solopreneur's Journey to $10,000 a Month

It was dark outside. The night before, it had rained so hard that I didn’t know if it was actually known as heavy rain or if I had been overprotected by sunny California weather.
Florida was a whole other animal in terms of rain.
I was 21 years old, living alone in a condo by the ocean and working at a company in the Space Coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida. It cost a lot of money, and there was no way I could even afford it by myself before my internship money started arriving. $1,800 for a two and a half months was a fortune to pay.
That was the same summer I launched my first ever website with my own domain. A blog that’s still up on the internet today about awkward moments. Yes, I was an awkward kid.
After typing away almost daily, it got featured in the homepage, I wrote articles that got featured on Yahoo! and on pages from MSN and AOL (wow, I guess this was a while back), and I was finally getting paid through PayPal for doing something fun for myself.
But it wasn’t all fun and games.

Are you thinking about starting your own online business?

I remember searching for ways to monetize my blog and get the most out of a site, but every resource out there didn’t go deep enough into what I needed to learn. And if they did, they wanted to charge a hefty fee for that information. Money that, simply put, I didn’t have.
That’s what I want this blog to be.
The blog I wish I had when I was getting started.
I’ll be documenting every single thing. My resources, tests, successes, fails, all with real data that you can see for yourself as I tackle this completely from scratch. All I ask from you is that you throw your questions and suggestions at me whenever you can. Other readers may need this too.
My blog eventually opened a door for two other websites, one that I let expire after not being able to follow up with it and the lack of readers, and another that had a slightly better outcome.

Current Projects

Journey Feed serve as a path to establish myself as a writer and keep myself accountable for my projects. I’m currently working on my stages of planning for an ebook that I plan to publish, and the insights I’ve been gaining from readers has given me many ideas to work with.

An E-Commerce Website

Emnotes Unruled Notebooks
I am current owner and founder of emnotes, a company that offers high-quality, handcrafted notebooks to students, professionals and serious notetakers. The concept was started in 2012 when I couldn’t find a notebook that met my picky needs. I made one for myself, then I made a couple for my classmates, and finally I started a website that launched and sold my first batch within the first month.
The idea failed miserably when I couldn’t keep up with the demand a year later and had to cancel and refund over $600 dollars in orders (that was a lot of money for me). I had to email every single customer and offer an explanation.
I was so embarrassed and frustrated that I closed up my shop.
The site has been rebranded and the store has opened once more this past year. Sales have been climbing once again. Details to come in a follow-up post.

Social Media Management Agency

After traveling around South America and designing websites for small businesses in Peru and Ecuador, I was asked several times to manage social media profiles. Given that I had never done that before, I started researching and discovered a whole world of online marketing.
It was amazing, and just the right level of technical and social characteristics to make me want to learn more.
I’ve teamed up and formed Cov Creativo that does just this, serving small businesses in Central and South America. We manage Facebook and Twitter pages for a monthly fee.

Humor Blog

awkwardlist_facebookAwkward List offers nothing in particular. It generates a few bucks through Google AdSense now, but I have been tempted to turn it into a blog that shares viral content in order to get clicks and ad revenue through banners and textual links.
At one point, it reached 40k monthly visitors, and it got an offer to purchase ($2,200) in 2013. I should’ve sold it. It now has 10k views per month.

Journey Feed


Journey Feed has been a concept since way back when I first tried to escape reality and went to stay in Mexico with family for a while. It wasn’t called Journey Feed at first. It was called One Way Ticket, Please and it centered around travel and resources.
It was in a hostel in Peru when I discovered my need to really give it my all and launch a site that offered what my journey was all about. I didn’t know my journey into online business was ready to begin.

  • The Journey Feed Podcast | Digital Nomad Resources
    • That’s right guys, there’s a podcast. You can find it on iTunes and Stitcher by clicking below:

Digital Nomad Stitcher

Of course, there’s also the social media channels.

Where We Start

For our purposes, we are starting at:
Zero dollars. 
I will be posting the total revenue generated through every single one of these projects at the end of this month in a new post with details on what I did right, how I screwed up, and what I need to work on.
Any resources, tips and advice are welcome.

Why $10k Monthly?

I could sit here and write instead about how I want 100,000 readers, or two million Twitter followers, but instead I’ll be using a metric that we’re all familiar with: money.
$10,000 is a huge number for me right now and goals are important. If I state this now, I know that i have to keep myself accountable for doing everything I can to reach that goal.
In order for it to work, I have to focus on providing my readers and customers a huge amount of value for their time and trust. I can’t focus on the money, or otherwise this would become some pitch to get you to purchase something from me and would get in the way of letting me be fully myself and show you my entire plan and journey from my perspective.
I’m very glad you’re here, and thank you for reading.

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