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Income Report for November 2016

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Income Report for November 2016

November’s Objectives:

To establish a baseline and find out where I’m really at while starting out.


(The reports are now sent out in the monthly newsletter!)

Lessons Learned

Despite a low income month, my biggest asset is selling on Amazon and I will be putting most of my efforts into growing a brand through that platform. It is the first time that I publish an income report with most of expenses involved.

Some Ideas, Please

I have two projects that are not generating any income. Journey Feed and Cov Creativo. Though I do have a few ideas to monetize, I only want to provide a really good product or service to my readers and clients and have run into a bit of a decision paralysis.
For Journey Feed I have an idea for a book that will sell directly through this website, though the topic needs to be solidified. I have been working with a small group of bloggers about how they can start their audience and finally start seeing their hard work pay off. If you’re currently reading this, thank you so much for your input, fellow bloggers, I really appreciate working with you.
The podcast also needs a certain type of makeover where we begin to focus more on tactics to earn money and start your own business for those of you who like to travel like I do. I interview travelers who work online (sometimes called digital nomads), but I feel that interviewing people who have been working on the road share the same story about freelancing.
I want ideas, tactics, tools. Things that work. If that’s you and you feel like you want to share your ideas with others, please shoot me an email at edwin( at )journeyfeed(dot) com.
The audience growth there can become a source of income as relevant advertisers begin to get the hang of the whole thing and provide a post roll ideas for a fee.
Also, Journey Feed has been offered several opportunities to become an affiliate for a few web hosting services and I’ve been learning a lot about what different people like to purchase and why. I believe that those of you who read this blog probably need basic hosting and domain registrar services. As I discovered early on, reliability and customer service are the things that I value the most when it comes to a web hosting service because I don’t speak technical jargon and I want someone who can listen to me and try to understand what the problem is when the inevitable happens and I run into trouble with this site.
GoDaddy has been helping me out but lately their resource limits and crowded interface confuses a lot of people, myself included. I’ll be switching to my number one recommendation as soon as I settle on it and test it for myself before recommending it as an affiliate.

New Objectives for December 2016

Cov Creativo

Add four more clients to our database and offer one premium service.

Journey Feed

Upgrade the podcast to better serve the audience. This means start providing more value to those who are wishing to start or expand their current business by sharing ideas. Interviews, personal stories, and ways to increase revenue and find freedom with travel are welcomed.


Launch the new design of products and focus on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) through my own manufacturing process. Redesign current emnotes website and redirect buyers to purchase from brand website (most sales currently come from a separate domain name website that I also own).

Awkward List

Let it go. Let it gooooo… no, just kidding. But seriously. I’m setting this one on the back burner for now. It will still show up on the income reports, but no real changes are going to be made with it in the foreseeable future.

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  1. Seriously, Edwin, when I said you were my angel, I meant it. No thanks needed to me! As one of your blogger prodegies, I owe you an immense amount of gratitude. In the month since we started working together, I cannot believe the growth my blog as experienced. I have people asking to be affiliates on my site, guest blog and I am scheduled to be a guest blogger weekly for a long time! Even a monthly contributor! Before you, I was seeing maybe 200 views a month and I am now at 2,600. That is quite the jump! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! You’re going to rock this.

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