Income Report for January 2017

Income Report for January 2017

Just a few more hurdles this month, going on Amazon’s warning to get my account suspended for sending late shipments was enough to scare me into getting orders out even on the same day. Back to school purchases climbed this month, as you can see in this organized chart:
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Revenue: 2,309.39

23% progress, and +77% growth from last month

So here’s what’s up:

Journey Feed

Zero income, no referral commissions.

Cov Creativo

Official launch coming up this month, with a goal of gaining two more clients and one website client.


Will be paying for labor pretty soon and adding a new channel, Amazon’s FBA. Stay tuned!
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  • Nirmal Kumar on November 18, 2017

    Your income from Amazon Affiliate program is nice. Could share some tips on making the best out of Amazon?

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