Income Report for February 2017

Income Report for February 2017

Oh man.

Revenue: 781.16

7.8% progress, and -66% decline from last month

Big drop in revenue. It shows me directly how seasonality of various products can really affect morale and change plans right away. Just last month I mentioned how Amazon had threatened to suspend my account because I sent a couple of orders one day late and that shifted me into high gear with Amazon.
When you depend on a platform, you have to accept that everything can be taken away at any moment. Fortunately, my account is still up and still going strong.. but my products got dropped to page 4.
Direct hit!
Check out this month’s revenue report below:
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Here’s what’s going on:
Emnotes: Sales dropped, party due to seasonality. The product itself goes through slow months and months with big sales.
Amazon: Product got dropped to page 4 and below. I purchased ads to at least remain visible.
Cov Creativo: New client with other development work and designs.
Journey Feed: Product course and ebook creation is in action, planned for completion in May 2017.

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