Income Report for December 2016

Income Report for December 2016

It has been a crazy month. I’ve been putting in lots of effort into growing the revenue for Emnotes and have a redesign for the website that will be launching this February, but that’s not the reason why it has been crazy.
I’ve been working two part-time jobs in order to subsidize a few essential purchases, like a stack cutter machine and some photography services for the website. Working for “hours” was something that I didn’t want to see myself doing, but times got tough with business and I couldn’t move forward without a small push.
Here’s the report in an organized chart for you to look at:
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Revenue: 1,300.01

13% progress, and +157% growth from last month.

Let’s break it down a little bit.

Journey Feed

Zero income, no referral commissions, no income from anything else.

Cov Creativo

Double accounts this month, we’re in the triple digits in terms of monthly recurring income, but I’ve learned a very valuable lesson when it comes to choosing your clients.
I will likely write a post about this later but I felt it was important to bring up today. When you charge low prices, you get a certain type of client. This person is looking to save and is likely willing to sacrifice quality if it means getting a good deal. I’ve encountered this multiple times when I used to tutor math and when I’ve done websites for clients.
The ones who I charge less end up being the toughest customers.
We will be expanding our team to the United States, though I am still looking for a representative who can help out with accounts in Latin American Spanish. We’ll be looking for higher paying accounts. Future investment plans: $50 in marketing through my own agency representative.


This thing continues to grow, and I will be getting some help in the manufacturing process, but so far so good.
Thank you for reading!

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