Have you ever seen those cool images on websites where there’s a cool background layout with patterns? Yeah… I don’t know how to get one of those without paying a designer.
Luckily, I think I’ve found an alternative. And here’s how I’m doing it:
Step 1: Grab or make a repeatable pattern. I like a page called The Pattern Library, but if you search for repeatable patterns online, I’m sure you’ll find a site that offers them for free.
Step 2: Head on over to a desktop wallpaper generator that can use repeatable patterns and upload it. It took me a while to find a site that did that, but I finally found ZenBG and it works great.
A repeatable pattern works great for websites that let you upload a background (you just have to click the “Repeat” checkbox in order for it to look good on there), but unfortunately it doesn’t work as a standalone image.
That means that you can’t upload it to Canva and use it as a background because you’ll literally only get a tiny square image that’s supposed to be repeated (but isn’t) to work with.
An alternative is to repeat the pattern yourself on Photoshop.
To pick a color palette, I went to Color-Hex.
I literally made five background images in less than 5 minutes just downloading the patterns and uploading them to ZenBG. Here they are:

I know this is the super boring way to do this, but I need to get started fast. For now, I’ll just be repeating these images as featured images for my posts and see what happens. It’s better than the default image.
Nowadays, blog themes implement the “featured image” of a post into different areas of the website. In my case, a featured image is set at the top of the homepage.
I use the Walburg theme for WordPress on Awkward List. Let’s see what happens.

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