This question is asked by Debbie, a member of the community awkwardlist.com. Thank you for the question, it hits home with me and I’m sure it does with many other people who are getting started with their online businesses.
If you are a perfectionist, first become aware of all of the work it will take and how much of it you are willing to do in a single day, a week, or a month.
Here is what a perfectionist does versus a non-perfectionist
Let’s take for example… blog writing.
A perfectionist:

  • Creates a content strategy to have their blog posts ready to publish ahead of time.
  • Tests their blog content with several groups to determine the details such as headline, stickiness of a featured image, and optimizes for SEO or other areas.
  • Takes way too long editing and there is a lot of time between beginning to write and hitting “Publish.”
  • Struggles with coming up with ideas when under pressure

A non-perfectionist:

  • Opens WordPress and begins typing up the blog post that they plan on publishing that same day.
  • Sometimes goes back to published content in order to perform grammar edits.
  • Gets started and “goes with it” mentality.
  • Planning content feels like it limits the creativity and they cannot see themselves planning every single step of their blogging journey.

Is there a right way to do things? No.
But if you are feeling overwhelmed, it means that you feel like you have too much on your plate and that you can’t handle it. It sounds cliche, but take it one day at a time.
If you are trying to start a business online, the first thing is one of two things: you should worry about is to test out your idea, or building an audience.
For the first one, I don’t mean ask your best friend what he or she thinks and then base your business from that.
Validate it, get someone to pay for it in advance. There is a great book by a person I’ve learned a lot from, Pat Flynn the SmartPassiveIncome.com called “Will it Fly?,” that I was a part of the launch team with and read the first edition as part of the launch process that goes over testing your business idea before you release it.
Sounds cool, right? Be sure to check it out through my affiliate link, right here:

For the second, building your audience will let you gauge to see what your audience wants, you make it, and offer it later.
So if you’re trying to build an audience and want to focus on your content strategy, I strongly recommend that you follow Neil Patel’s free guide to creating your content strategy. Basically, how to plan your blog posts and outreach so you have more control over your content marketing. You can find it here:
Remember, take it one step at a time. Create an outline of what you have to do. If you struggle with that, check out what I use as an example.

  1. Write a bunch of ideas
    1. Which can be monetized?
    2. Am I niching down enough?
    3. Who would be my target audience?
  2. Build an audience
    1. Create a website
    2. Use tutorial
    3. Create content and promote it
    4. Social media presence
  3. Survey for potential products
    1. Find out what your audience wants
    2. Test out a product
    3. Sell it
  4. Improve on existing content
    1. Learn skills you can apply to your business
    2. Update content
    3. Manage VAs

Of course by then you’ll outgrow general advice and start doing your own thing. That is good!
So get out there and do your thing, follow your outline and stick to it, and change it up as you go.
As you can tell, being a perfectionist can hold you back but can better prepare you, but if you overthink things you’ll be missing out in a clear advantage of non-perfectionists…. getting themselves out there fearlessly and the ability to deal with things as they come.
Debbie, thank you so much for your question! I am sure that lots of people are asking themselves exactly this. See you around and good luck on your journey!
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