A while ago, in one of my bursts of inspiration, I decided to make this website a blog again. It was all I knew and how I got started online. After many attempts to see if I wanted to start a new website for all of the many ideas that I get at a time, I decided to stick with this one.

In order to track my progress in things like revenue, or weight loss, I wanted a place to document the journey but found out that there are around a dozen journeys and that if I choose to blog individually on each, I’ll just be doing tacking on a dozen more projects to do at once. I’m screwing up! Panic!

The main problem that I see with this and with what I have seen with the growth of different websites is that they put me in a single category and I end up with being the funny “satirist” guy, or the web design guy. They say that I’m supposed to niche down, and it’s solid advice for many people who can actually choose just ONE thing to do, but not for me. I like to explore everything and figure out many things at once, so my niche is going to be the journey to all of these things without specific niches. I’m confusing myself.

Basically, here’s what I’m going to do: this website will be separated into obvious “journeys” or projects that I’m following and I will be updating individual pages with the most recent events in that specific journey.

Kind of like a makeshift blog, where I’m updating the same page over and over. Whenever there’s an update to a post, it will be brought up to the most recent updates section of this website. I’m expecting a few journeys to be updated much more often than others.

I tried searching for examples of this type of format being done before but I can’t seem to find any blogs like this, but I really like long posts that detail an entire journey forum-style, so this might end up looking more like that, except in one single page. Why not use categories? Because I don’t like clicking around to find the next item on a topic (ever seen those slideshow posts? God help us all.)

Suppose somebody feels inspired by a certain story that I post where I’m updating the progress on a project and I make them click all over the website to find more information on it… not cool. I might be committing some on-page SEO malpractice, but it’ll make everything easier and speed up the process of updating a certain journey.

I’ll make this work.

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