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In this episode, we discuss some of the cool stuff you can do around the city of Cuzco, Peru! As you can tell, we fly through this episode with lots of information on what to eat, how much to expect to pay, and a bunch of other insider tips coming from my five-month stay in Cuzco.
Some links mentioned on this episode:

  • Green Taxi
  • Recommended bus company: Cruz del Sur
  • Tour details come from Rocio from Villa Magica (hostel)
  • Casita de Nelly Google Map
  • Some restaurants mentioned:
    • Greenpoint
    • La Boeheme
    • Mercado de San Pedro
    • Sueño Azul
    • Street Food
      • Anticuchos
      • Emolientes
    • Chicha (fancy restaurant) by Gastón Acurio
  • Some things to do
    • Museo de Chocolate
    • Visit Pisaq
    • Machu Picchu
    • City tours
  • Volunteer: Aldea Yanapay


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