JF 010: A Family Who Refused to Settle Down and How They Did It

A talk with Paul Kortman from NomadTogether.com about how he travels through Mexico with his wife and kids. How do you convince other people that your lifestyle is okay? You don’t. Check out the episode right now! Links mentioned: Paul’s website NomadTogether.com This episode is sponsored by Audible.com. Get your TWO FREE audiobooks and free first […]

JF 008: An Overview on Creating Your Very Own Online Store for Under $20

[:en]Http://JourneyFeed.com/episode8 In this episode, I share with you a semi-technical overview on how you can start your own online store while on a shoestring budget. Resources mentioned in this episode: Shopify.com Etsy.com WordPress.org WooCommerce (WordPress plugin) PayPal.com Stripe.com 2Checkout.com JourneyFeed.com/BlueHost (affiliate link) JourneyFeed.com/Website This episode is sponsored by Audible.com. Get your FREE audiobook and free […]

JF 007: How Housesitting Works and Minimalism Talk with Shelly and Al from SellAllYourStuff.com

[:en]http://JourneyFeed.com/episode7 We have Shelly and Al from SellAllYourStuff.com where they talk to us about how they have managed to get out there and housesit. We also talk about minimalism and answer some common questions about how to get started with this lifestyle. Links mentioned in this podcast: Shelly’s social media management company (http://www.shinesocially.com/) Al’s ebooks […]

JF 006: Interview with Sajib Mannan and How to Get Started with Freelance Writing

[:en] Shownotes: JourneyFeed.com/episode6 Find me on @edwincov or Facebook.com/JourneyFeed Sajib got started by doing his own online research. He gets his inspiration through the blogs that he follows. You don’t need a formal writing education to start your own business, and as you can find out through this episode, there are lot of free and […]

JF 005: About WWOOF and How They Can Help You Get Food and Accommodation While Helping Organic Farmers and Growers

[:en] Shownotes: JourneyFeed.com/episode5 Remember to Subscribe, Rate, and Review! Questions and comments here, on Facebook.com/JourneyFeed or find me on Twitter.   In this interview with Amanda from World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), we cover common questions that can show you how to get started with your own WWOOF adventure. WWOOF is an educational exchange program […]

JF 004: Traveling the World as a Young Couple on an Average Salary

[:en] Shownotes for this episode: http://journeyfeed.com/episode4 In this episode, we speak with Seb and Marieta, a couple who has been traveling the world after saving up for a few months. We get into specifics like what they pack, how much they saved, and some experiences they’ve been through. Links: Contact me at: http://twitter.com/edwincov Journey Feed’s […]

JF 002: How to Start Your Own Freelancing Business

[:en]Show Notes: JourneyFeed.com/episode2 In this episode, I discuss the ins and outs of what it takes to start freelancing, right now. From things like how to land your first client and how to follow a technique that few freelancers out there actually do. From doing things in person, such as tutoring, to online-specific tasks, this […]