Over 300 Ways to Earn Money Online by Journey Feed [Infographic]

There is a rise on people searching how to earn money online. With the movement of location independence and the rise of side gigs (or side hustles, as some may call them), there have been crowds of people who ask how they can earn money online. Some successful entrepreneurs and bloggers like Pat Flynn from Smart [...]

JF 010: A Family Who Refused to Settle Down and How They Did It

A talk with Paul Kortman from NomadTogether.com about how he travels through Mexico with his wife and kids. How do you convince other people that your lifestyle is okay? You don't. Check out the episode right now! Links mentioned: Paul's website NomadTogether.com This episode is sponsored by Audible.com. Get your TWO FREE audiobooks and free first [...]

How much should a website really cost me?

[:en] In this episode we talk about the costs of building a website. Links mentioned in this episode: JourneyFeed.com/Bluehost (affiliate link) GoDaddy.com, 1and1.com, Bluehost.com An SSL Certificate lets you accept credit card information on your website How did I end up paying $12 for a year for a website? I looked up GoDaddy coupon code [...]

JF 009: A Quick Rundown on the City of Cuzco, Peru

[:en] In this episode, we discuss some of the cool stuff you can do around the city of Cuzco, Peru! As you can tell, we fly through this episode with lots of information on what to eat, how much to expect to pay, and a bunch of other insider tips coming from my five-month stay [...]