The Never Finish Anything Syndrome

When you have multiple projects at once, it's easy to find yourself not being able to finish anything. It's when you end up with "never finish anything syndrome". I'm not sure if I made up that term or if it's just called procrastination, but it perfectly explains what happens whenever I want to begin a [...]

Should You Really Just Enjoy the Moment Instead of Capturing It?

"¿Qué es esto?" (What is this?) "Una cámara aérea." (An aerial camera.) "Siga." (Go ahead.) And so my journey to Ecuador with a drone started. I was so excited about the thing. It was the new, top-of-the-line consumer drone on the market: the DJI Mavic Pro (affiliate link here). Fast forward a few months and [...]

How to Revive a Blog – Part 3: How to Use Redirects

In this post, I will be explaining some things I've learned about redirects. As you may know, I'm trying to revive a site... which involves revamping content and a ton of other things. So here's what we got so far on According to some info I found online through a podcast about deleting content [...]