“I don’t know man, I read a lot and I listen to a podcast about passive income, but all I need is to experience it,” Marko said while tapping the table with his hand, “I don’t know.”

Shifting my eyes from the waterfall through the glass window of the cafeteria I turned to him and said the almost automatic response I told myself I wouldn’t say anymore: “Just do it, dude.”

I used to hear that often. I’ve never seen the movie The Beauty and the Beast, but there’s a quote that floats around instagram that says that there must be more than this provincial life. I love reading and learning about other people’s experiences, so I know a lot but do very little with it (or so my friends would tell me).

My friends back in California used to hear my dreams almost every time we would hang out. To be supportive, of course we’d all say the same thing: Dream big and go for it. Everything is possible. Believe in yourself.

For a while, I wasn’t so sure about that anymore through first-hand experience.

There was a time when I had to help a delivery man unload boxes in exchange for a few bucks, or post virtual flyers in a city here in Ecuador in order to get students for my Spanish tutoring. That’s right, I taught Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country (mostly Canadian folk).

I taught English, math, I made websites for $120 a pop.

Maybe just believing isn’t enough, I thought. So I got to work.

I started a podcast, a website, got a small email list, and started marketing myself as a trainer for people who wanted to start their own online businesses.

In doing so, my audience dropped, my technical writing skills got better but my personal approach disappeared and most of my audience I had from other blogs just left. For trying to copy or be like those other marketers online, what made me me was kind of… gone.

This website has been redesigned as a blog for those reasons.

I think we should share the journey.

Thank you so much for reading.

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