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Hi, I’m Edwin. I’m 26 years old, from California who decided to leave the country and figure it out later.

I enjoy trying new food, volunteering and good conversation. One time, I was able to talk myself out of a robbery, with the guy returning me the cell phones before he left. 

I like showing people that it is possible to make a living doing what they want and getting started on being digital nomads, if that’s their thing.

“I thought there was something wrong with me for refusing to live the 9-5 job lifestyle. My friends, my family, they all looked at me with that look that says ‘I’m worried about you.'”

How I Made My First Dollar Online

In 2014, I left California to go to Mexico, and eventually ended up in South America, where I am now.

See, I had been studying and working up until 2013 when I decided to build my own business selling notebooks, after reading a book by Chris Guillebeau called “The $100 Startup” (you can find it on my Resources page).

And I was terrified.

Charging for a product I made myself was easily the scariest thing in the world. Either way, it had to be done. I set up the website, and waited. The next morning, I had an email from PayPal saying that I had earned $7.14 from a sale.

Since then, I’ve learned about creating digital product, about affiliate marketing, and how to create a passive income online while traveling around. I’ve sold a blog, sold links and ad space. I’ve translated languages for money in Peru, unloaded a small truck for pizza at a restaurant in Chile, and taught Spanish here in Ecuador.  

It works and I didn’t think I could do it at first. Now I am working on growing an online business that will help me live anywhere, and let time be my own again.


About journeyfeedlogotransparent

JourneyFeed is a podcast and a website. Head on over to iTunes right now and find me to listen in on the latest tips and tricks!

This blog is meant to serve you, the person who wants to ditch your 9-5 job and travel, no matter what your age is, or your social status.

It will provide you with the tools that you need in order to get you started to becoming a digital nomad. From things like how to get your website up and running, to how to deal with clients and earn your first dollar online.


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  • Christy LeGaspi on January 25, 2016

    I’m so proud of you Edwin. You finally figured out what you wanted and haven’t looked back. You amaze me.

  • Jason Mueller on May 8, 2016

    Good job Edwin! If you are ever in Costa Rica look me up for a free tour. http://www.jacoropes.com/

  • Florence M. on November 16, 2016

    Thank you !
    You are really amazing, kind and genuine. Your motivation enlights others, thank you for sharing so valuable content and your personnal path and helping people realizing themselves and their dreams, lifestyle.
    I am so glad having met you! Hope I will help you in return some day.
    All the best 😉

    • Edwin Covarrubias on November 18, 2016

      Florence, I’m glad to have met you too! Thank you so much for your words, they really mean a lot to me and I wish all the best for you in your own journey because you truly deserve it. If you ever need to talk, you know where to reach me 🙂

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