Income Report for November 2016

November’s Objectives: To establish a baseline and find out where I’m really at while starting out. Results: Lessons Learned Despite a low income month, my biggest asset is selling on Amazon and I will be putting most of my efforts into growing a brand through that platform. It is the first time that I publish […]

3 Lessons About Failure From My First $1,000

Libraries seem bigger when they’re empty. The San Jose Public Library in northern California has big windows in their top floor, which gives a great view of the area away from downtown. Directly below was popular restaurant called Flames that was way too expensive for me. I remember the raindrops on the window and the uncomfortable […]

What I Did When No One Wanted to Help Me

It can be painfully embarrassing to ask for help with something simple. It’s even worse when you can’t find that help. When was the last time you struggled to fix something yourself instead of getting help? I’ve always been a believer in getting help when you can in order to save yourself a lot of […]

Quit Telling Me That Starting a Business is Hard

I’m not sure how many times you’ve had to be in a situation where you have to bite your tongue and not say anything in order to not come off as a know-it-all. Like when you’re a chef and someone tries to show you how to properly flip an egg. Or worse, tell you how […]

Top 6 Easy-to-Read Business Books You Should Have Read by Now

In conversation the other day, a friend mentioned their newfound interest in business and asked for my favorite business book. Though I have a few, I’m going to list only the ones that I feel a person should absolutely read right now if they’re even remotely considering starting a business. These books have changed my life and the way […]

JF 010: A Family Who Refused to Settle Down and How They Did It

A talk with Paul Kortman from about how he travels through Mexico with his wife and kids. How do you convince other people that your lifestyle is okay? You don’t. Check out the episode right now! Links mentioned: Paul’s website This episode is sponsored by Get your TWO FREE audiobooks and free first […]

Listing My Own Product On

[:en]So for the longest time, I’ve been wanting to be able to manufacture, list, and sell my own product on Have you not heard of these guys? They kind of own the online shopping thing on the internet. After almost 200 million monthly visitors looking for something to buy, these dudes really figured out […]