Who will buy my idea?

When it comes to starting up a project, we all visualize a very specific scenario. This varies greatly from person to person. Suppose you hear an idea from a friend, and you both convince each other that it would be a great business. The more  you talk, the more certain you become that CNN will […]

What to Do With Your Half-Cooked Projects

Starting up another project is one of the ways that I procrastinate. Unfortunately, that means having a bunch of half-cooked (sometimes raw) projects lying around, usually hanging out as files on my crowded desktop on the computer. With fancy titles like “Podcast January 2016,” or “Graphic Design Files March 2017,” I may seem like I […]

Income Report for February 2017

Oh man. Revenue: 781.16 7.8% progress, and -66% decline from last month Big drop in revenue. It shows me directly how seasonality of various products can really affect morale and change plans right away. Just last month I mentioned how Amazon had threatened to suspend my account because I sent a couple of orders one day late and that […]

Income Report for January 2017

Just a few more hurdles this month, going on Amazon’s warning to get my account suspended for sending late shipments was enough to scare me into getting orders out even on the same day. Back to school purchases climbed this month, as you can see in this organized chart: Revenue: 2,309.39 23% progress, and +77% growth […]

Income Report for December 2016

It has been a crazy month. I’ve been putting in lots of effort into growing the revenue for Emnotes and have a redesign for the website that will be launching this February, but that’s not the reason why it has been crazy. I’ve been working two part-time jobs in order to subsidize a few essential […]

A Surefire Way I Know to Land a Guest Post

It was just another day. Woke up without an alarm and went straight to the bathroom. I hung out for a little bit in the living room and then went back to check my email from my laptop.. I didn’t have a smartphone back then. Well I did, but it was the Palm Pixi, and that […]